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We specialize in all types of brickwork whether it’s brick pointing or brick restoration or new construction. Our company specialties cover brick replacement, door and window re-sizing, support rebuilds, re-facing exterior walls, and much more numerous. Many projects include getting a match to an actual brick on the home or structure.

Brick Pointing

With our experience, we can guarantee that we will find the best closest possible match whether the building is 100 years or 10 years old. We have an extensive supply chain and knowledge of all brick type works and all type of masonry services. We work in all cities of NY like BrooklynQueens, Bronx, Greenwood Heights.

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With more than 4 years of experience, we know, how to remedy all of your home’s masonry needs. Sigma Builders is an innovative company and a recognized brand name in the industry.

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We work in all cities of NY like BrooklynQueens, Bronx, Greenwood Heights.

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