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We provide quality Fire Escape Services in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and cities of NY.

Best Fire Escape Repair in NYC

Fire escape repair services in NYC provided by professional companies like Sigma Builders NYC that have the experience and expertise to ensure that fire escapes are in proper working condition. These services include inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire escapes to ensure they are up to code and safe for use.

We are proud to be fire escape experts. Whether your system needs to be inspected, certified, or painted, we are the company that gets the job done. Our highly trained and specialized workforce certified welders are known for their high-quality work, done quickly and at a fair price. Our extensive work history throughout New York, including New Jersey, New York City, Newport, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Surrounding areas, has given us the finest workforce in the fire escape industry.

Our highly trained technicians will conduct a multi-point fire escape inspection covering every part of your current fire escape system. Specifically, they’ll look for any rust, damage, or wear and tear. Our thorough inspection will ensure your fire escape system is safe at every point, including all ladder support brackets, pulleys, and cables.

Fire Escape Contractors New York, Replacement or Installation

Improve your building’s fire safety and keep your property within regulations with the fire escape installation and Fire Escape Repair NYC. Sigma Builders NYC serve commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers with professional fire escape construction.

Our team of experts helps protect building occupants and save potential fines related to fire safety. For Sigma Builders Fire Escape Contractors NYC, safety is the highest priority, and we know safety is essential to our customers. We work with the same urgency that our customers must ensure the safety of their buildings in a timely manner.

If you need a fire escape repair or a new fire escape construction, call us at +1 917 412 1886 and let us get to work.

We Offer

Fire Escape Fabrication

  • Fire Escape Repair and Removal
  • Custom Fabrication Services
  • Safety Inspections
  • Professional Fire Escape Design and Fabrication

Sigma Builders constructs fire escapes for all types of buildings Whatever the purpose of your property, whether residential, industrial or otherwise, we can help you comply with regulations and provide your building with the necessary fire escapes. For added security in your building, use a durable and sturdy emergency staircase.

Fire Escape Repair and Removal

An imperfect fire escape does nothing to protect the building’s occupants and may even prove to be an added hazard. We are the people to call if you need fire escape repairs or remove a fire escape. You can rely it us for a timely repair or removal.

Custom Fabrication

We are not limited to fire escapes. Our skilled team can build custom fencing, handrails, and more. If you need a railing or similar equipment, call us at +1 917 412 1886 and tell us about your needs. Our welders and technicians have served this area with the finest quality and products for over 25+ years. Let this expertise work for you.

Why Choose Sigma Builders INC?

  •  A long history of expert services for large Firm
  •  Competitive Pricing
  •  We Offer Friendly Customer Service
  •  We meet the needs of your business on your schedule

Fire escape installation: For 25+ years, the talented welders and Fire Escape Repair, Inc. technicians have provided professional fire escape design, installation, and repair services. Businesses across all sectors, from commercial and municipal to residential, have come to understand and trust us for reliable products built with integrity and expert repairs that ensure safety. Sigma Builders is dedicated to effectively preparing buildings for a fire event and ensuring that our customers’ buildings meet regulations and pass inspections.

If you need a fire escape installed, or if your fire escape needs repairs, give us a call at +1 917 412 1886. Fire Escape Installation Services. If you receive a fire report on the condition of your building, we are the solution to your problem. Let us design and fabricate the building that will allow you to meet established guidelines and improve the overall safety of your property. We have been building fire escapes for 25+ years and this expertise is reflected in each project.
Call us now at +1 917 412 1886 and avoid any future citations.

Top Fire Escape Repair Services In New York City

We are the fully licensed and insured Construction Contractors in NYC offering a complete solution to your fire escape needs. We are the expert in the repair or replacement of your obsolete and damaged fire escape. We can design the best new fire escape solution that meets individual and commercial needs and is perfectly customized according to your specific requirements. We can repair fire escapes with different stages of any damage, from those that simply require the odd stair tread replaced to the ones that of which are completely beyond the repair and have to be replaced overall.

So if your fire escape system needs some repairs and support, simply give us a call today! and get expert consultation. We’ll then discuss the best strategy needed or the best solution to satisfy your needs. As a reliable construction and building restoration and renovation contractor, our main goal is to keep the fire escape repair nyc system safe and in the best proper working order with the utmost professionalism. Our fire escape team enriched with the experience and expertise required to resolve all your fire escape concerns at an affordable price.

A New York based general construction company has expanding list of clients among top New York construction companies.

Fire Escape Repair NYC

Does your building have an old or damaged Fire Escape?

It’s time to invest in safety and limit the chances of disaster with fire Escape services from hard working welders. From simple broken step repair to complete renovations, we are equipped to handle any of your fire escape repair needs. By their very nature, fires and other accidents can strike without notice, so it’s always best to be prepared. If your fire escape is not in the best condition, don’t hesitate anymore. Call +1 917 412 1886 for a fire escape repair estimate.

At Fire Escape Repair NYC, we pride ourselves on our fire escape services and the excellence of other metalwork products. The talent and experience of our team allow us to produce a variety of custom fabrications, like steel fences, railings, and stairs.

Fully-Committed to Safety

Safety is our expertise and our lifeline. You can count on us for safety inspections, careful examination of your fire escapes to discover a potential problem, expert fire escape repair, and more. With service from Fire escape Company, we will put your building in the best condition to keep occupants safe and meet safety regulations.


Fire escape certification is integral to the fire escape inspection and repair process. At Maximum Fire Escapes, a licensed professional engineer performs all fire escape certifications. All our systems are certified for the maximum time allowable by law, five years. We will work directly with your local fire building inspector to ensure your system meets all local and national codes.

Frequently Asked

Fire safety is a set of procedures which aim to reduce the amount of damage and injuries caused by fires. These include risk assessments to help identify and reduce areas of fire risk and formulate an emergency and evacuation plan in the event that a fire does break out.

It is recommended that any business which carries a higher risk of fire than average, such as from storing combustible waste or chemicals on site, has a fire prevention plan to properly protect both the business and the environment from damage.

In order to make a fire evacuation plan, you will first need to conduct a fire risk assessment of your business. Once you have done this, you can decide upon your fire safety strategy, which includes evacuation routes, safe meeting points for staff, and proper procedures for contacting the fire department.

Tackling small fires is fine, provided you are cautious and have a clear escape route. If you would need to put yourself in a compromised position, such as having the fire between you and your escape route, then you should not attempt to fight the fire. If you don’t have the right type of fire extinguisher for the fire, or it has started to spread, then do not try to extinguish the fire and priorities evacuation.