Our Top General Construction Services in NYC

Best Generation construction services for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Construction and Renovation Services in New York City

General construction company for new building construction and renovation. We have more than 27 years of experience in the general construction industry. Sigma Builders Provides the best construction services for commercial, residential, and Industrial projects. Get our best contractors for your projects. We are Professional (SIGMA BUILDERS) contractors in NYC! We offer reasonable prices for new construction without compromising the quality of work. Choose a contractor and directly discuss the use terms of cooperation. Our services are:

What We Provide in Roofing Services:

  • Repair roof of a private house
  • Dismantling the roof
  • Installation of metal tiles
  • Attic roof insulation
  • Cleaning the roof from snow
  • Wooden house Insulation of the roof of a wooden house
  • Dismantling a soft roof
  • Repair of garage roofs
  • Roof insulation with mineral wool
  • Installation of seam roofing
  • Repair of roofs of an apartment building
  • Flat roof repair
  • Roof installation with profiled sheet
  • Repair of welded roof


  • Roofing works are installed in the following sequence:
  • Blank: At this stage, calculations, design, selection of materials, and purchase are performed. Approach the task responsibly since the implementation of the subsequent stages depends on it.
  • Preparation of the base: For roofing, must remove the old covering.
  • Mounting: The first step is to mount the coating (slate, flexible bituminous tiles, metal tiles, other materials).
The cost of roofing work per square meter in a private house is preliminarily calculated. Based on the estimates an estimate is made that allows you to see the costs in advance, eliminate unnecessary costs,and save the budget.

Waterproofing Services NYC

The company “Sigma Builders” provides waterproofing services in USA and the NY region – it is waterproofing the roof, foundation, basement (inside and outside), or the facade of the house using modern technologies such as injection with micro cement (injection waterproofing). We will carry out a full diagnostics to identify all possible problems and offer the best option for their elimination. We’ve an individual approach to each client; we solve non-standard tasks, we offer non-standard solutions. The departure of a specialist to examine your problem is possible on the day of contact. Work is carried out according to modern standards, by qualified workers, only with proven materials.

What We Offer in Waterproofing Contractors?

If repair is required for a room with damaged waterproofing, then the old coating is completely dismantled, and work on moisture protection of the building is carried out from scratch. Re-sealing of the surface is also required for horizontal waterproofing of the foundation when the waterproofing layer’s usual restoration is simply impossible.

What We Offer in Waterproofing Contractors?

  • Shut-off Waterproofing
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Injection waterproofing
  • waterproofing  repairing 
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Parking waterproofing
  • Micro cement injection
  • waterproofing bushings
  • Tank Waterproofing
  • polymer waterproofing
  • Base/plinth waterproofing
Sigma Builders Use Only Quality Certified Material
Liquid rubber
Injectable composition
Shut-off waterproofing
Waterproofing of bushing
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Wall and Ceiling Renovation Services:
Decorative wall and ceiling panels are used for interior renovation services. The construction company Sigma Builders offers high quality decorative 3D panels, ceiling and wall panels..
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Decking and Thermo Wood Renovation Services:
Thermo wood and decking are made of pine and ash from the manufacturer’s LUNA WOOD (Finland) and BRENSTOL (Estonia). Always in the warehouse of the construction company Sigma Builders in a wide range of decking, thermal wood, lining for baths and saunas, wood-composite lumber.
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Our team consists only of highly-qualified specialists. Competence and good technical equipment allow us to find solutions for the most difficult problems. Will ignore not a single call and not a single message.
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Professionalism and impeccable quality of the work provided; we provide a full range of services; we will make an accurate diagnosis of your waterproofing; Original materials from the manufacturer; Individual approach to each client.
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Flexible approach to pricing; convenient choice of a package of services that allows you to optimize costs; the fixed cost of waterproofing repair and maintenance, not tied to the exchange rate.
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Our specialists team has many years of experience in waterproofing repair and maintenance. All employees of our company have undergone specialized training.
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Consultation, assistance in choosing materials, preparatory work, correction of poor-quality work of third parties and organizations, waterproofing of turnkey facilities in NYC.
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The construction company, “"SIGMA BUILDERS,” offers effective options for waterproofing foundations. Modern spray and coating materials are available. For all construction and repair work, our employees perform professionally and strictly within the agreed time frame.
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