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If you’re looking for a scaffolding company in New York, look no further than Sigma Builders INC. With years of experience, you can rely on us to provide a range of scaffolding services the domestic, commercial, and restoration projects. Whether you require scaffolding for your new build or a refurbishment project, we can design and install scaffold structures safely and professionally. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the proper scaffolding to satisfy your project needs.

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Scaffolding Contractors NYC
Scaffolding Contractors NYC

We are the USA’s number 1 Scaffolding Company!
Scaffolding Direct is dedicated to supplying equipment to the Construction Industry, Small to Large Builders, with Quick Delivery.

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If you require anything from building supplies to gardening that we do not offer, please email your requirements or suggestion, and we will get them and get back to you quickly.

Scaffolding is a collapsible structure designed to accommodate workers, materials and tools when performing repair and construction work. Due to their design, they can have the length required by the production technology and height up to 100 m or more. Today, several structures are used in construction:

  • pin, assembled from separate unified tubular elements;
  • frame, consisting of ready-made frames, connected by ties; 
  • clamp, the delivery set of which includes racks, cross-beams and ties, which are connected during assembly with clamps of a special design; 

Wedge-shaped, consisting of racks, crossbars and braces, connected using a special wedge assembly. Thus, scaffolding can be installed along walls of any configuration and any length. The main difference between scaffolding and scaffolding towers is in the purpose.

Both types of equipment are designed to carry out construction work at heights. However, there are significant differences between the two :

  • The former is used in works requiring simultaneous access to workplaces that are spaced apart in length and height, for example, when plastering walls. The towers are designed to work from a horizontal work platform of limited dimensions. To access another workplace, the structure must be rearranged.
  • scaffolding can be collected at once to the full height, while you can work from any tier, and the tours are mounted immediately to the required height, and you can work only from the working platform located at the top mark.
  • The cost of the tour turns out to be significantly higher than the cost of frame metal structures of the same dimensions.

Thus, equipment for finishing facades, including scaffolding and various towers-tours, should be selected depending on the type of construction, ensuring the safest production of work with minimal labour costs.

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Reliable scaffolding services can be one of the most integral parts of any renovation or construction project, so it’s imperative that you choose a reputable hire firm you can trust to provide the system you need. Join the many commercial and domestic clients across NYC that have chosen Sigma Builders, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
With a focus on providing solutions that benefit your development from the get-go, our experienced team will offer support and ongoing assistance throughout each stage of your project, working closely Make sure we are all on the same page with our employees. Our in-house scaffolding contractors near me team provides, installs, maintains and dismantles your system. This gives you the advantage of working with a professional contractors NYC who is just a phone call away. Call us today for cost and rental options.


The benefits of using scaffolding can hardly be overestimated since even the most simple repairs, consisting of plastering walls or other similar construction work, require constructing a structure that will perform a supporting and supporting function for the quick implementation of repair and construction manipulations. Not one construction site can do without scaffolding because this system aims to more efficient and more efficient work of artisans. Installation of a roof or siding, all the more, can not do without the construction of the scaffolding. Well-designed and large scaffolding saves a lot of time moving construction materials and labour in the construction area. Labour productivity in the implementation of full coverage with the construction site’s scaffolding increases several times. Therefore, time savings and costs are reduced. Pipe Scaffolding services in NY, NYC, QueensBrooklynNew YorkBronxStaten island, New Jerseyjersey city, NewarkHobokenNewport. The modern market offers different options for implementing the construction of scaffolding, which have ready-made components and are easy to assemble even on their own.


Wood is one of the most affordable and convenient building materials since it will cost quite inexpensively and completely free in some cases. In addition to this, the convenience of working with it is a well-known fact. With certain skills in working with tools and the tree itself, scaffolding services will take a little time. To independently master and understand the basic principles of implementing this design, let’s step by step analyze each point of the work being carried out.

What Kind of Work is Scaffolding Used for?

Scaffolding, as a rule, is necessary when performing finishing work carried out on the external facade, such as plastering, painting, thermal modernization, insulation, thermal insulation. It is the scaffolding of appropriate design and performance that allows you to work safely and without problems at height.

At first glance, quite simple devices provide access to those places of repair work, which are not so easy to reach initially while on the ground. A feature of scaffolding is the fact that such a structure is more reliable and safe than a traditional ladder, due to the possibility of free movement of workers in a horizontal and vertical orientation, as well as the storage of all materials necessary for work within reach, without the need to hold them on weight or fix on the body constantly.

Scaffolding Construction

Scaffolding usually consists of wooden or metal bridges installed on a special frame. Such a frame consists of metal or plastic elements in the form of pipes with clamps, which can be placed on top of each other in any number and configuration. A construction “constructor” is the most stable, does not require special equipment during installation and is ideal for any construction work at a height.

For Your Construction Project,
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Sigma Builders provides a complete scaffolding services near me that is second to none. You can hire scaffolding that best suits your project requirements, from access towers to large-scale scaffolding structures.
Sigma Builders Provide sidewalk shed nyc for both domestic and commercial customers. We have experience in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering safe and reliable scaffolding solutions.

Skilled and Accredited Professionals

We are specialists in supplying, erection and dismantling scaffolding for all types and sizes of buildings. Our team of professionals completes scaffolding contractors insurance to the strictest health and safety standards. All our erectors are highly skilled.

You can depend on us to complete our work promptly, safely, and without interfering with your operation.

At Scaffolding Services, we have extensive experience in handling various aspects of scaffolding projects, including design, installation, and more. Before undertaking any project, our team will visit your site and complete the inspection to complete the risk assessment.

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The client is at the heart of every job we do, so we understand the importance of the quality and standard required for the job to succeed. If you are looking for reliable commercial Scaffolding services, you have come to the right place.

Please use the contact page to arrange a free, personal quotation if you are interested in scaffolding services. Please get in touch with our sidewalk shed nyc team via the contact us page if you need any advice regarding your scaffolding requirements. We intention to reply to all inquiries inside 24 hours.

Frequently Asked

Scaffolding Solutions provides full-service scaffold rental, installation, and dismantling of the scaffold. We utilize a highly advanced scaffolding system that should only be assembled by skilled technicians who have been certified and trained. As you get to know us, you’ll see that safety is at the heart of everything we do at Scaffolding Solutions. We always install equipment to OSHA standards, and after installation, our staff provides a safety briefing before the job begins.

Let us help you! First, we’ll need to ask some questions and conduct a site visit to assess your needs and develop a proposal. Every design is unique, which is why Scaffolding Solutions staff take the time to understand your particular needs. We will “right-size” the solution and give you a very competitive price.

Scaffolding Solutions utilizes highly advanced scheduling software that allows us to be very agile and responsive with project planning and execution. We can almost always figure out a schedule that meets your project needs. We’re also collaborative project experts with a track record of helping projects reach completion on time and under budget. That’s a unique distinction that sets us apart from other scaffolding suppliers.

Scaffolding Solutions is a full-service scaffolding engineering firm that handles all aspects of design, equipment rental, erection, inspection, and maintenance of scaffolding systems. We also provide temporary hoists, trash chutes, overhead protection, and temporary stairs.