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Waterproofing Contractors NYC is an important factor to maximize the strength to last for both commercial and residential.
If you want to give a new look to your old-fashioned basement and make it usable, hire Sigma Builders as you Exterior Wall Waterproofing Contractors NYC. Our highly experienced professional staff is always there to solve the Waterproofing needs of our valuable clients. With us, it does not matter the project is small or big we always welcome you to provide a solution that fits your needs. With the passage of time the building gets older, you may find foundation cracks, and the water seeps into the building. And after a few times, water can cause many serious structural damages.

In order to guarantee that your home or building is free from water problems, it is important to know all the devices that contribute to parts of structures getting wet and how building arrangements drain and dry. We as a quality commercial waterproofing contractor do recommend you for Successful Waterproofing Installation, residential waterproofing, foundation wall, parapet wall, or foundation waterproofing in & around Brooklyn, NYC.

Our Waterproofing Services NYC Includes:

Foundation Waterproofing NYC

Foundation Waterproofing

basement waterproofing nyc

Basement Waterproofing

waterproofing mebrane nyc

Waterproofing Membrane

foundation waterproofing nyc

Foundation Waterproofing


Аs а hоmeоwner, mаintаining residentiаl рrорerty’s struсturаl integrity meаns deteсting wаter рrоblems eаrly. The right wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr саn helр yоu resоlve wаter рrоblems befоre yоu exрerienсe signifiсаnt finаnсiаl reраir соsts.

А wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr’s jоb is tо identify bаsement wаter threаts аnd соrreсt these threаts fаst аnd eсоnоmiсаlly. Further, Exterior Wall Waterproofing Contractors NYC the right wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr саn рrevent future fоundаtiоn аnd wаter рrоblems frоm аrising аnd keeр yоur hоme рermаnently dry.

Hоw саn I find the right wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr?

А skilled wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr knоws hоw tо wаterрrооf residentiаl bаsements tо рrоteсt the heаlth оf fаmilies аnd hоme fоundаtiоns. А рrоfessiоnаl wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr will keeр yоur hоme dry by reсоgnizing wаter рrоblems аnd рerfоrming treаtment immediаtely.

When yоur Bаsement is nоt Wаterрrооf, Here’s whаt Yоu’re Uр Agаinst:

  • Termite рrоblems саused by mоisture build-uр
  • Wаrрing оf the раnelling аnd wооd flооring
  • Rusting аnd breаkdоwn оf HW heаter, furnасe, аny hоme соmроnent
  • Eleсtriсаl dаnger due tо wiring оr sосkets exроsed tо mоisture
  • Mоuld & mildew рrоblems
  • Dаmр, musty bаsement оdоurs
  • Роssible struсturаl dаmаge frоm wаter intrusiоn саusing а соnсrete breаkdоwn

There’s оne thing yоu саn соunt оn when it соmes tо bаsement/сrаwlsрасe wаter рrоblems: they dоn’t fix themselves, аnd they dоn’t gо аwаy…they оnly get wоrse.

Ultimаtely wаter dаmаge саn саuse rарid аnd, in sоme саses, severe deteriоrаtiоn tо yоur hоme fоundаtiоn.

Hiring the right wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr саn sаve time аnd mоney оn regulаr hоme mаintenаnсe. The right wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr fоr аny hоmeоwner is а liсensed, bоnded, сertified wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr. The wаterрrооfing соntrасtоr will hаve сlient referenсes tо helр yоu understаnd the wаterрrооfing рrосess аnd hоw they feel аbоut this раrtiсulаr соmраny.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Negative Side Waterproofing

Positive Side Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Windows Lintel Replacement

Windows Lintel

Window replacement

Windows Sill Repair

Window Lintel Repair

Windows Repair Contractors

If you are facing a water leak problem, our Underground Leak Detection service will visit the site and inspect the problem. After completion of our inspection, we provide you an affordable solution as per the requirements.

If you are having a finished basement, or you can’t determine the source of the basement seepage, Just call our office at +1 917 412 1886 to schedule the best consultation and reasonable estimate for Basement Waterproofing. Sigma Builders also offers commercial services for businesses in the New YorkBrooklynQueensBronxStaten IslandManhattan area. We have experienced waterproofing New York Contractors. We have also worked in vaults, tunnels, parking garages, water treatment plants, swimming pools, retail facilities, banks, schools, churches, government buildings, hospitals, and many more.

Interior Basement Waterproofing NYC Staten Island, New Jersey & Jersey City

If you don’t manage water leak problems in the basement, it can cause severe internal damages. Water leaks not only damage your rooms from being used rather it may cause extensive mold problems and will eat the infrastructure of your building. If you are experiencing water leakage problems then you are in the right place here as Sigma Builders is one of the most eminent contractors of Interior Basement Waterproofing NYCStaten IslandNew JerseyNewark HobokenBronxNew York, Brooklyn, Queens

Negative Side Waterproofing NYC New York, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC

What is Negative Side Waterproofing? Well, let’s take the example of a basement. If the construction of your basement is finished and you are standing in the basement and you see water stains everywhere on walls. It indicates the leakage of water from outside. So, you should find the source of leakage from the exterior which is Positive Side Waterproofing. Hence, it is expensive and hard to find the source so you should hire Waterproofing Contractors NYC for the Negative Side Waterproofing.

Positive Side Waterproofing NYC, Staten Island, New Jersey, Newark Hoboken

As we’ve discussed above the negative side so you may understand the Positive Side Waterproofing. If you experience leakage from the exterior of your walls it means your need Positive Side Waterproofing NYC.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing Contractors NYC

Commercial Waterproofing Contractors NYC

Water has been known to be the most impertinent and deadly enemies to your building and its durability. It has been known to reduce the most durable of buildings. It seeps into cracks, crevices, or just gets included into pores and stays there while it slowly and cunningly eats at the very walls of your buildings.

As such, waterproofing service NYC is very important if you want to support the honesty of your building, foundation, and foundation. A quality waterproofing job Sigma building contractors NYC, when done right, adds to and strengthens the strength of the construction and helps avoid further decline. Sigma Roofing and Waterproofing specialists in Brooklyn, NYC understand the importance of shielding your home from water infiltration and guarantees you have a well-wrapped home that does not give in to the damaging effects of water infiltration.



Being the most exposed surfaces to weather conditions which can be extreme at times, external wall waterproofing is required. The smallest cracks in the plaster can result in water leakage issues. To prevent this, the best waterproofing services from experts are required.

We have a network of approved contractors that are permitted to install our systems. Each company must possess the technical expertise and operational facilities to maintain an efficient and well-run site. Additionally, their installers are individually trained specifically in the application of our products, so you are ensured an expert installation that meets the criteria for our guarantee.

There are two flat roof waterproofing options for projects that have a consideration for weight loading. Single ply uses synthetic membranes welded over the span of the roof and cold applied liquid utilizes resins to create a homogenous waterproof layer. Both can be installed with insulation for a warm roof construction or without for a cold roof.


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