When should a commercial roof be replaced?

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How much does it cost to reroof a commercial building?

We understand that roof replacement is an investment in your home. Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to decide if a roof repair may be all you need. Continue reading to learn if it’s better to repair or replace a roof. For more information, request a quote from our Sigma Builders.

 Roof Repair:

Depending on the condition of your roof, repairs may be made permanently or temporarily. For example, you may need temporary roof repairs to move you until the weather arrives. We are often called upon to repair emergency roofs after storms and strong winds.


Sometimes we may just need to install some roofing material to keep your home waterproof. In some cases, you may need more extensive repairs. If the cost of repairing rivals will change, you may have a new roof. Some reasons to repair your roof are more obvious than others, but here are some examples:

  • It’s very rewarding
  • Sunlight enters
  • Too much moisture
  • Sometimes it is not clear when moisture gets into your roof especially if it sticks to your roof or gets into things on your roof.
  • Beveled roof
  • A stone roof means that you have been exposed to water for a long time in one place. This weakens the roof and increases the chances of more / worse damage.
  • Color changes
  • Long leaks continue when you will see too much paint on your roof/wall color. They may be yellow, grey, or brown.
  • An unusually high energy bill

If there is a breach of your roof heat and cool air can come out of it like water and light can enter. This will keep those programs running longer to cover losses, costing you more money over time.

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There are many reasons why your flat roof is leaking. Some of these can be avoided by properly installing the roof or choosing the right material. For years, however, prolonged exposure to all weather conditions and extreme temperatures would put a lot of pressure on a flat roof and cause even well-constructed roofs to collapse. A pitch-free flat roof has many weak points, making them vulnerable to leaks, some of the most common causes of flat roof leaks include:

No matter how well the roof is made or installed, all roofing materials will eventually begin to deteriorate. A sudden impact on the roof, extreme temperatures, and inclement weather can all erode the flat roof until it is severely damaged and begins to leak. If your current flat roof is leaking, it is probably because it has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

Emergency Roof Repair:

There is nothing you can do during the rainy season but call our roofing contractors. Once the rain has subsided, it will be safe enough for us to inspect your roof. Do not try to climb on the roof yourself, especially if it is raining. You should not slide and fall on your roof, in danger of serious injury. Instead, wait for our roofing contractors to arrive.

A leaky roof is an emergency. The longer you wait to call our roofing contractors, the more water will flow into your home. Water damage is getting worse over time, which is why you should call us as soon as you notice that your roof is leaking.

Roof Replacement

It is important to remember that your roof protects your home from the elements. However, shingles can be damaged by debris thrown by strong winds, ice dams, and a lack of care. Do the roofs begin to wrap around? Does your roof look clean on the street? These are both signs that you may need a roof replacement.

Have some of the houses on your street recently had a roof over their heads? If so, you may need a roof replacement sooner than you think. Sigma Builders often build all the facilities at the same time. This means that your home (and roof) is about the same size as your neighbors.

How Long Do You Live in New York?

How long your roof will last will depend on the installation, materials, and maintenance. For example, Sigma Builders can last up to 30 years. The quality of the installation will also affect the life span of the living roof. That is why our roof contractors pay very little attention to details. If done properly, roof replacement is a permanent investment in your home.

best roofing contractors NY

Commercial or Home roofs are one of the most common types of roofs used for garages, extensions, and large industrial and commercial buildings. The flat roof is set at a low angle and looks almost level. There are many benefits to a flat roof, especially if you want to save time and money on the next construction and renovation. However, a single sloping of the flat roof is rewarding.

If your flat roof is leaking, you may think it is best to replace it. But that doesn’t always happen with a flat roof. Sometimes flat roof repairs and restoration procedures are all that is needed, and this is less expensive than a replacement roof and will strengthen the roof in future damage. Whether you need to repair or replace a leaky apartment will largely depend on the nature of the leak and the extent of the damage.

Still not sure if you need a replacement roof? Schedule a time for one of our Roofing Contractors in NYC to move out of your home. We will inspect the condition of your roof to determine if you need to repair or replace it. The best times to plan for roof installation are late in spring, summer, and early fall.

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